Shibaricon 2009 May in Chicago
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The 12th Annual Shibaricon
will take place in the Chicago area from
May 22-25, 2015


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Thank You everyone for making Shibaricon 2014 such a great success! See you all at Shibaricon 2015!

Early Registration Starts on 7/15/2014!
Early Registration is now available for sale at $199.00. Did you miss the$150 pre-registration? Well, don't miss this one! Register now! REGISTER

Looking for more rope education? Check out NARIX!
We want to take this moment to introduce NARIX (North American Rope Exchange). This is a new organization formed to create an open educational environment for riggers and bottoms with experience. Check out their information and apply. INFO | APPLICATION

MBE - Application for Volunteers
One of our sponsors, Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza (MBE), is presently accepting applications for volunteers for the annual event. This year, three locations will be participating in MBE - Toronto, Orlando and San Francisco. If you have interest in volunteering for the event, check them out and apply. INFO | APPLICATION

Hotel Room Reservation Is Open
Don't miss out! Reserve your hotel rooms for the event today at


Shibaricon 2014 is sponsored by Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza!
October 4, 2014 - Sunset to Sunrise - Toronto, Orlando
September 27, 2014 - Sunset to Sunrise - San Francisco


Shibaricon is the world's premier international pansexual annual conference that focuses on education and information exchange for lovers of rope bondage, by lovers of rope bondage. Shibaricon offers an international team of instructors, including some of the best rope educators from around the world. Whether you are a seasoned rigger or have never tied a knot, with 4 days of classes Shibaricon will offer the perfect learning opportunities for you. The educational focus is practical, meaning that you will leave our "hands-on" or "minds-on" classes with skills you can use. Shibaricon will also provide the opportunity for you to practice your new-found skills in our playspace each evening as well as our practice space.
rope corset

Shibaricon features:

  • 4 Days of Classes for everyone from the novice to experienced rigger, with specialized classes on various aspects of bondage, suspension, psychology and many other topics to help you become a better rope top or bottom!
  • Presenter office hours where you can get extra hands-on tutoring to improve your skills!
  • Play Space with tons of great equipment and play areas for you to test and use your new learned skills!
  • Practice Space open during the day where you can work on your new skills!
  • Vendor Mall where you can shop for quality rope, toys, corsets, shoes, chainmail… even furniture!
  • Meet and mingle with instructors who are accessible and participate fully in the event!
  • Supportive, friendly community! Make new friends and become part of a community that is like family, and of course, have tons of fun!
Shibaricon is a gathering of rope lovers, rope Masters, rope bottoms, bondage aficionados, knot fetishist and those just curious enough to take those first steps outside the bedroom into the sensual art of Japanese rope bondage. Bondage players from around the world, this is an opportunity to attend a gathering that will provide education, support self-expression, foster new friendships, and renew old acquaintances! It is our goal to encourage everyone interested in this sensual art form to unite as community and grow as a result. Whether you are new to rope bondage, BDSM, or are a skilled practitioner, there will be something for you! SirC rope tie
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